The bombing of the Temple of Peace

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November in Cathays Park is usually cold and tranquil. But nearly 50 years ago, an explosion from a bomb at Cardiff’s Temple of Peace and Health pierced the early morning silence.

The bomb was detonated at 4am on November 17, 1967, timed to avoid loss of life but on the eve of a nearby committee meeting about the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales. Shrapnel smashed office windows right across the park.

Welsh paramilitary group MAC, or Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defence of Wales), were responsible for the attack. Set up in response to the flooding of the Tryweryn Valley in north Wales, which forced 48 people from their homes for a reservoir to supply Liverpool, the group carried out a number of bombings during the 1960s.

The leader of MAC, John Barnard Jenkins, said the group never tried to hurt anyone with their bombing campaign, they intended to just disrupt the investiture.

The temple was founded by Word War One veteran Lord David Davies and opened on November 23, 1938. It was originally home to two organisations, the League of Nations Union Welsh National Council and the King Edward VII National Memorial Association. Now, it houses the Welsh Centre of International Affairs and Public Health Wales.

This BBC report from 1968 shows the temple still under repair.


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